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Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color smartwatch at the end of December 2019 as a more affordable version of the Mi Watch. This smartwatch debuted in India and Europe under the names Mi Watch Revolve and Mi Watch, respectively.

Xiaomi unexpectedly launches a new smartwatch
In a couple of months, the original Xiaomi Mi Watch Color will celebrate its birthday, and today the company has promised to introduce a new smartwatch. Moreover, the announcement will take place tomorrow, October 20. Sources believe that we are talking about an updated version of the original Xiaomi Mi Watch Color.

A teaser picture for the alleged successor to the Mi Watch Color has been posted on the official Xiaomi Smart Life page on the Chinese social network Weibo

The image confirms that the upcoming smartwatch will retain the circular display and come with an SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen saturation.

The original Mi Watch Color lacks a pulse oximeter, which is found even in more affordable Chinese wearables. Xiaomi has also confirmed that the new watch will support more sports modes and offer extended battery life.


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We haven't seen the old clocks yet)

Alfredo Agnes

Unexpectedly, if Xiaomi does not release something for at least a week.

The first game for which an Intel discrete graphics card is recommended. Which has not come out yet

Yesterday Asus unveiled the world's first laptop with an Intel discrete graphics card. The manufacturer does not specify its parameters, calling the adapter First Intel Discrete Graphics.

And today the first game has appeared, for which the developer recommends, among other things, an Intel 3D card. And what is interesting, this is not at all about a mobile discrete video card.

Amnesia Rebirth from the developers of Frictional Games is out tomorrow, but is already available for pre-order on Steam. And there, in the list of recommended system requirements, there are GeForce GTX 680, Radeon RX 580 and Intel Xe-HPG video cards. Moreover, the latter is not only not presented - we do not yet know when such a device will be released.

If some early data are to be believed, Intel's Xe-HPG graphics card could be released next year. Its GPU will be manufactured by TSMC using a six-nanometer process technology. The configuration will include 512 execution units, that is, 4096 computing cores. Previously, there was also data on 960 blocks and 7680 cores. Of course, the name of the video card will be somehow different, since Intel Xe-HPG is the preliminary name of the class of 3D cards.

One source suggests that Frictional Games actually had a Xe-LP class adapter in mind, but this is highly doubtful. The fact is that Xe-LP are GPU-based adapters, which we know as DG1. It is part of the mobile Tiger Lake processors and is also present in the same Asus laptop in the form of a discrete graphics card. It contains only 96 active compute units, although a full configuration might include 128 units. But such a card will in no way be able to compete with the Radeon RX 580, because the iGPU in the Tiger Lake processors does not even reach the GTX 1650.

So it looks like Frictional Games put it right, but it's unclear why they did it. Firstly, Intel obviously will not release a serial video card named Xe-HPG, that is, developers confuse gamers in advance, and secondly, the card will be released sometime next year anyway.

However, the very fact that Frictional Games indicated this adapter, firstly, gives hope for a relatively early announcement, and secondly, indicates the level of performance. Of course, in the event that the developers of Amnesia Rebirth really understood what they indicated in the system requirements.

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